Parents as Partners
Loughgraney Kids Corner believes that partnership with parents is central in a quality childcare service. We believe in open communication with parents who are always welcome to our centre to discuss their child with members of staff. We provide a Parentsí Information Pack which is available on registration of your child. Daily records are kept for babies and toddlers which contain all relevant information such as meals, sleep , nappy changing and milestones achieved by the baby/toddler.

LKC is run by highly motivated, professional and caring staff who are totally committed to making our facility a centre of excellence. They regularly attend additional training courses. They are always available and welcome the opportunity to discuss the progress of the child.

Policies & Procedures
Loughgraney Kids Corner has drawn up a comprehensive set of Policies & Procedures covering all aspects of caring for children and dealing with families. This ensures that your child gets the very best of care. Parents are invited to familiarise themselves with these Policies & Procedures.




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